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ALFANET S.A. was founded in June 2001, in Thessaloniki. Its main object is the Introduction and Marketing of Branded High Technology Refurbish Systems. The company's goal is to provide high resale profits on branded high technology products capable to serve every need of the modern market. Our company after several years of continuous improvement in the refurbishment  of product marketing, continuously innovating, has managed to discern throughout Europe for the quality level and claiming first place worldwide for the innovative ISO 9001 that applies and which achieves this result.

The results of our many years effort are:

Hundreds of satisfied customers throughout Greece and Cyprus.

We won the trust of the largest foreign companies and our suppliers are the world's leading IT companies such as, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Dell, Microsoft and many others, the company now has more than 200 suppliers from around the world.

80 staff members, most of them are graduates of Universities and technical Colleges with specializations as  Computer Engineers, Electronics Engineers, Economists, Engineers Sales etc.

150 External Consultants Partners around the world, who give solution to any technical problem may occur.

5,000 square meters warehouse and 1,000 square meters of administrative and sales offices.

Solutions to every problem product availability with more than 3,000 PC, 2,000 Monitor, 500 UPS, 8,500 PC Parts, 450 Networking Solutions, 200 Server and all this is only our average monthly sales.

In today's hard times of economic crisis, Alfanet S.A. looks to the future with optimism, still evolving every day, giving branded and high quality financial solutions with absolute commitment to meeting our customer and partners needs.

Our optimism, stems from our satisfied customers, who find solutions and results to the alternative proposal of our company.


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